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Social Media and Intellectual Property in Today’s Knowledge-Based Economy

4 / 7 / 2024

Social media platforms have transformed communication and information sharing, but they also present legal challenges related to intellectual property (IP) rights, such as content ownership and digital rights management. It is clear that nearly all social media content involves the creation and use of IP, raising the question of who owns the uploaded content. While social media platforms provide opportunities for expression, they are bound by laws and regulations, including IP considerations.


Understanding who owns uploaded content is crucial. As a general rule, users own the intellectual property rights to their original content, and social media platforms recognize this «user-generated content» as belonging to the user. However, using third-party content without permission can lead to IP infringement issues.

Courts and IP laws have taken measures to ensure IP rights are respected and protected across social media, and platforms are playing a more active role in helping IP owners enforce their rights.

With the increasing influence of artificial intelligence, there are new types of IP concerns arising through social media platforms. Of course, users should familiarize themselves with the terms of use of social media platforms, and IP owners need support from users and content creators to prevent dilution or misuse of their rights.

In fact, social media platforms are increasingly taking steps to protect IP rights, but users also have a responsibility to understand the terms of use and report infringements. Thus, a collective effort seems to be needed to balance the benefits of social media with the protection of IP rights.


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